1 Month



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This week marked the start of my last month as unmarried. Where in the world does the time go? One thing I know is that it goes way too fast, and it can be super frustrating. Like right now I am thinking that yesterday was the end of March, but we are already half way through April. It is less than 1 month until the fiancé and I say our “I do’s” and then embark on married life. If that isn't growing up, I don’t know what is! 
There is obviously something really nice about being back "home" for a weekend, generally having the weekend off is a treat, but as last Saturday marked my Norwegian hen party, it was less relaxing and more very busy day. But I had the best time and am so so lucky to have these amazing women in my life! I didn't take one photo at all, isn't that great? But I might try to hunt some down, and see if they are share-worthy. But I did have time to do so many other things while at home, like read a local magazine and have a coffee, do a tiny bit of "sightseeing" with a visiting hen and have the BEST hamburger of my life a The Thief Hotel in Tjuvholmen. that thing was so good it will haunt my burger dreams until I can eat it again.
On Tuesday morning I woke up at 3am, let's face it, it was more night than morning, and I was grumpy. But it was of course my own fault because I was the one that booked a flight at 6.20am, and I had to pay the price. I am not in any way an early morning person, 7.30am is the earliest I would like to wake up but 8-9 is much nicer, who would like to wake up early anyways? But sometimes, life hands you an early morning, and you jsut have to grab it, get on the train to the airport, be the palest you could be, finally get some food and coffee in your body after 1 hour + on the train and start feeling a tad more alive, at 5am. The horror. I made it though, all the way back to Oslo, my home town, to spend some quality time with my family and also to... wait for it... have a Hen Party! That's right, I am still en route to getting married. The party is this Saturday and I don't know what is in the cards (at all!) and for someone who likes to plan, it's a bit frustrating. I am sure it will be great and a lot of fun, but what are we doing?? I can't wait to find out. Secrets are not my thing, so keep anything from me, it freaks me out big time!

But as it is Thursday and I came here on Tuesday there have been a couple of days to enjoy life (and work and answer emails every morning and evening... never a break) and I had that expensive coffee I was planning, had some lunch at an old fashioned hotel with my mom, went shopping and bought some Easter stuff (ahhhhhh, I really can't wait for Easter to come rolling, this girl has plans guys) and sat in my mom's car and had people stare at her  car eyelashes (what? Haven't heard of eyelashes for cars?). Best Christmas present ever? Of course, I bought them!
Although I don't participate in the 40 day fast that follows, Pancake Tuesday is a day I can get behind. A day dedicated to eating pancakes? I am in. Every year after Pancake Tuesday I start making pancakes EVERY day, but this year I have just been too busy and breakfast is usually oatcakes whit peanut butter. I love that too, but NOTHING beats a pancake breakfast, or brunch. I had to wait a couple of weeks after Pancake Tuesday before I managed to get some in my belly (and I didn't even eat it on a Tuesday!) but it was still good. This picture is from The Breakfast Club in Soho where I met a friend specifically to have pancakes, but then there was bacon on the menu and it is difficult to turn down bacon. Or eggs. And home fries. So I had it all and it was delicious, but there was a plate of pancakes with berries and vanilla whipped cream that walked past our table and I almost regretted my choice. Almost. 
Last week? Not even sure I want to talk about it. It was a long one with a little bit too much on my plate. Right now I can't even remember everything that went down, but it was enough to make my shoulders so tight they can hardly move. Cue last minute massage booking today. There was the stuff going on at 2 companies I work at and wedding prep during the week, and then the weekend was Mother's Day as most British people would know (the Norwegian one was weeks back!) and at the tea room we were so busy we didn't have time to eat lunch. We had some lovely people over and I hope they enjoyed their celebrations, but I can feel my body crashing about now and I need a nap, and it's not even 1 pm. Who doesn't love Mondays? Let's hope this coming week is a bit more quiet, especially a I am getting up crazy early tomorrow to fly back to Oslo where we are celebrating my upcoming wedding with a Hen Party/Bridal Shower and I don't know what to expect at all as it is all a surprise... Scary. The rest of the week is spent in Oslo eating food cooked by my mum, making waffles (I LOVE waffles more than most things) and buying disgustingly expensive coffees, because that is how it's done in Norway.
We have had the most busy day at work today and I just can't believe how tired I am. It is definitely time for bed very soon. Just watched Behind the Candelabra and I am so impressed with both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. I remember when it was released and I really wanted to see it, but as with every movie that is released I just end up never seeing it and when I finally get around to it it's at lest 6 months later. I just really don't like the cinema, I feel like it is a serious waste of time! And who would prefer the cinema when I can sit at home at night in my PJ's and watch a film while scrolling through Instagram?
This week is all about weddings, more specifically ours, as I have crafted my little heart out by making place card holders, wedding favors, pom pom's, print material for different signs and of course worked a bit on the never-ending veil. This stuff does take time and for me the stress element is mostly that there is so much of it to do and I just have absolutely no patience. It needs to be finished yesterday, y'all. And the reason I am not finished with everything is called the internet and more specifically wedding blogs. Bad, bad idea to read those as they give you more inspiration and ideas, and they are also full of beautiful pictures and I can loose hours while browsing real weddings. In fact I have lost several hours just this week.

I came across this super funny little thing of kids and their thoughts on marriage. Give it a read if you need a little cheering up. I really want these placecard holders, not for the wedding, just for dinner parties in general. Is that weird? Dear swan cake topper, we could be best friends! I need a second wedding cake to put you on, as I already have grand plans for the cake. Always interesting to read things about marriage and although I am not on board with number 3 and the religious element, the rest seems like pretty good advice. And marriage tips from a divorced man, also worth reading.

4 Years



I know it's not a huge amount of time and there are so many couples out there that have been together for 10+ years, but we aren't there just yet, and do you know what? Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite! (might have borrowed that from a little something I saw on Pinterest). Anyway, Tuesday marked our 4th year together (where did the time go?) and that deserved a little celebration. Which is the reason I was not up to facing the world yesterday, but enough about that, let's go to Floridita!
I have so many restaurants I want to go to in London it all becomes a little overwhelming. So when the husband-to-be suggested Floridita, it sounded familiar. Mostly because it was, as it was one of the 200-ish restaurants on my to do list. I don't think I have had Cuban food before so it was time to give it a try. I can never remember what we ate, but I definitely started with cevice and had chicken for my main. I can remember that it tasted good, good enough to want dessert after. 
The cool thing about Floridita is the live music that changes every night. We were treated to Kai's Cats all evening and it was absolutely lovely. When do you have someone almost serenading you while eating your dinner? Watching The Voice while eating in front of the TV doesn't count... It was decided that we would stay for dessert so we could catch the rest of the entertainment, and the surprise act we were promised when we sat down.
Desert was so so, as in I ate it all but I wouldn't order it again since it didn't blow my mind. And I know desserts can have the mind-blowing quality if they are done well. And the surprise we were promised? A stripper. No, really! She was classy though, but it was clear from the start where we were heading and suddenly there was woman wearing panties and nipple tassels on the stage. Not want I expected, but honestly the only time I have encountered a stripper, so now that can be ticked of the bucket list. 

Sick Day



I woke up this morning and thought WHAT. THE. F***. Why am I feeling so incredibly ill? Could it be that ONE mojito last night? God, I hope not, if I can't handle ONE drink anymore, what is the point of weekend dinners? Exactly. Anyway, what to do but to cancel all plans and crawl back in bed and feel sorry for myself. So that is what I had to do. I probably should explain that a hangover for me equals a million normal hangovers combined, my body doesn't like me (maybe because I haven't been to the gym the last 2 weeks, ooooops) and it definitely doesn't enjoy anything with alcohol in it. Can you be allergic to alcohol? Then I probably am. By 3pm I finally started feeling a bit more alive and made it out of the house to buy crisps, basically my breakfast and lunch combined. Just can't wait to get back to normal tomorrow!
Sunday is my absolute favourite day of the week, even if I am working. There is this feeling of freedom and that nothing is urgent that I love, the internet is boring and social media is at a semi standstill, my inbox is basically empty and life is generally good. Happy all around. This week has basically been all about cupcakes (work), breakfast and lunches (time off), the spa (lucky lucky me), sun (gotta love London when the sun is out) and spotting local goods on the tube, like these flowers from Achillea in West Hampstead. 

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